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4 Items Every Twin Mom Needs For Newborn Naptime

4 Items Every Twin Mom Needs For Newborn Naptime

Those yawns are contagious. It’s 10:00AM and you’re already ready to call it a day. Your morning was loaded with spit-ups, cries, and bottles (including wine if it’s been a particularly rough morning). So what can make all of this chaos go away (for a couple of hours)?

A nap!!

Whether you’re a twin mom or not, we’ve all had those days with our kids. After making it through the first 2 months of having newborn twins, my husband and I have tried MANY different methods to get the babies to nap at the same time during the day. Quiet time is a delicacy! Here are the top 4 items every twin mom needs to double up on for that simultaneous, restful downtime in the first few months:

1.     4Moms MamaRoo Infant Seats

These were heaven sent. We still use these ALL the time. The babies love to go for a “ride” in their seats as it helps them fall asleep much faster. There are 5 different motions it makes, each simulating the movements from their oldest memories of being in utero. You can change the motions without even having to get up from the couch through using Bluetooth and downloading the 4moms app on your iPhone. Almost every single adult that sees our babies sleeping in their MamaRoos comments on how we need an adult version! The negative, though, is the price. It will cost you up to $219.99 for a new one (and you’ll need to multiply that by 2 for twins!). You can get around that, though, by adding it to your baby registry like we did, or buying used or older ones. It holds up to 25 pounds of baby weight, so you’ll likely get almost a solid year of use out of it. Totally worth the splurge! You can visit the website here:

2.     Boppy Newborn Lounger Pillows

I feel like I use these for everything: naps, feeding, playing, reading to the twins, etc. The babies have been using these since their first day home from the hospital. It’s a very soft cushion and the design is conducive to supporting the babies’ heads during rest in the beginning. Our babies probably spend most of their time in the boppy lounger in between feeds when they are napping. I don’t leave them unattended in these, though, as they could tumble over if propped incorrectly. If the twins’ spit up in the lounger, it’s super easy to throw in the washing machine and it dries quickly. The huge plus is also the price: only $30 each! However, you’ll only be able to use them for the first 3-4 months (until they’re 16 pounds or can roll) as they’re for newborns, but it’s a good investment for naptime purposes! Here’s the boppy website for more:

3.     Bassinets

Any type of bassinet will really do the trick. We chose the Delta Children Deluxe Gliding Bassinet for $89 each. We mainly use these for sleeping at night, but you could use them for daytime naps (with caution), too. The reason we mainly use them at night is the twins don’t eat as frequently at night and the bassinets lay flat. When babies lay flat after eating you have to worry about reflux and aspiration. To prevent this, it’s always important to keep babies sitting up at a 45 degree angle for 20-30 minutes after feeds (and that’s why we use the mammaRoo or boppy loungers for daytime naps as they are more upright). The kind we have is very practical. It plays music, has a mobile that moves above their heads, and vibrates, if desired. I will say, though, this kind doesn’t seem like it’s sturdy to hold big, heavy babies. The manufacturer only recommends using it for babies up to 15 pounds. Our newborn twins are about 10.5 pounds each at 2 months, so it’s worked well for us so far. Once the babies are bigger, then we will transfer to a crib. For now, they still like to sleep in confined spaces. Here’s the website for the one we have:


4.     Halo SleepSac Swaddles

When my husband and I get frustrated with the incessant crying, we dangle 5 words over the twins' heads: “You’re about to get SleepSac’d!” We say that because it works. When we want the babies to calm down and rest, the sleepsac swaddles do just that. Babies love to be wrapped up tightly. It makes them feel secure and snug as they once did when they were in your womb. The Halo SleepSac swaddle simulates the feeling. You put the baby inside, zip him/her up, and then cross the Velcro straps over the front to make everything nice and secure. If you combine the SleepSac swaddle ($28.95 each) with any of the first 3 items I listed, you’ll be golden. Our babies usually fall asleep within a couple of minutes of being SleepSac’d in their MamaRoos, Boppy loungers, or bassinets. And I literally just SleepSac’d my kids while writing this post. :-) Here’s the website for more info:


Anyone else have other suggestions about items they’ve used to put their twins down for naps? If so, leave a comment!

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