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10 Tips for Picking a Maternity Photographer

10 Tips for Picking a Maternity Photographer

Commemorating every moment is all the rage during pregnancy these days. Since we all love a good twin pregnancy announcement, gender reveal, and bump progress picture, why not add some maternity photos in the mix? Whether it’s your first or last pregnancy, every twin bump is worth remembering. Plus, when your kids are older and throwing tantrums, you’ll want something to remind them of what you’ve done for them!

When you’re preparing for maternity photos, you’re likely feeling uncomfortable, swollen, and tired. Most photographers schedule the shoot when you’re ~30-32 weeks along. In order to capture the best version of this moment, you’ll want to make sure you find the best photographer to fit YOUR needs. Personally, I have very picky taste in all my professional photos. Luckily, I had no trouble finding the right maternity photographer for me by following the tips below. My photographer, Paige Walker, delivered and THEN some!

I recommend starting the search at least 3 months before your 30-week mark to ensure your selected photographer doesn’t become overbooked. You might not be the only due date she’s working around! Here are some tips for finding your perfect maternity photographer:

1)    Envision the style of your own maternity shoot.

Before picking your shutterbug, you must know your own style. Look on social media for ideas (Pinterest, Instagram, etc). One way or another, just find some inspiration. Later, when you’re thumbing through portfolios, you’ll want to see if their style has similar vibes to what you’re envisioning.

Photo by: Paige Walker Photography

Photo by: Paige Walker Photography

2)    Decide whether you’re wanting more than just maternity photos (newborn, 6 months, 1 year, etc).

If you’re like me and know you’ll want pictures at EVERY step, you’ll want to book a package to get more bang for your buck. I also rationalize it like this: you’re getting two for the price of one (by having twins)! 

Photo by: Paige Walker Photography

Photo by: Paige Walker Photography

3)    Determine your budget.

Professional photography will run your bank dry if you’re not careful. Twins and multiples are obviously expensive. Saving money is probably a priority. That said, come up with how much you’re willing to spend and stick with it.


4)    Get recommendations and read reviews online.

Once you have an idea of what kind of photos you want and your budget is set, then start asking around for photographer suggestions. Blast your friends on social media or call around asking for names. Once you get a name, then read their reviews.


5)    Review photographer portfolios.

When you’ve got a list of your top picks, look at their portfolios on their personal websites. Check out their social media for more photos, if needed. Many photographers have their websites sectioned out allowing you to look at just maternity sessions.


6)    Determine each photographer’s specialty.

You don’t want someone to take your pictures that’s really a wildlife photographer, do you? It’s ideal to find someone that does maternity photos regularly. A good maternity photographer knows how to pose you with your significant other and all your new curves. No awkward pictures, please!


7)    Email your top 3-4 photographers and ask for their price sheets.

Most photographers don’t list their prices publicly. You’ll likely have to reach out to them to inquire about those price tags.


8)    Compare prices, review packages, and NEGOTIATE!

Make sure you’re picking someone that can keep you in your price range. Compare between your top choices and see who fits your needs and budget. Most will allow you to pay in separate installments. It’s worth trying to negotiate the price down, too. Doesn’t hurt to ask, especially with 2 college funds to think about!

9)    Book someone that can travel to you, if necessary.

When you’re 30+ weeks pregnant with twins, you’ll likely be exhausted just by walking across the room. More importantly, twin mamas are more likely to be on bedrest. Taking pictures at your own house can be just as beautiful as being in a studio or outside. If your photographer can be flexible by coming to you, if needed, then this will help reduce your stress level about not knowing how mobile you’ll be by then.

10)    Trial them out with a mini session first if you’re thinking about purchasing a large photo package.

Since my husband and I wanted to buy a package to include maternity, newborn, and 6 month pictures, we felt a test run was necessary. We trialed our photographer by having her do a mini session (that ended up being our pregnancy announcement photo). She did SUCH a beautiful job that we then immediately booked everything else! If you end up not liking your photos, then at least you’ll find out before committing to anything more. Happy hunting!

Photo by: Paige Walker Photography

Photo by: Paige Walker Photography

Whether you’re a twin pregnancy enthusiast or not, you’ll undoubtedly look back on the days you carried your growing duo and feel amazed. One day, when your twins are old enough to understand, they’ll be amazed, too. While a picture is worth a thousand words, a twin maternity photo is priceless. Happy hunting! :-)

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