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Best Gift Ideas for Young Twins

Best Gift Ideas for Young Twins

What in the world do you get a 1-year-old for a gift? Better yet, what in the world do you get TWIN 1-year-olds as a gift? With Santa Claus due for a visit soon, I’ve had to start asking myself these questions! So, I’ve put a list together of 11 of my personal favorites. Don’t overthink it too much, though — they’re probably at the age where the wrapping paper and box might be most thrilling! ;)

1)    Toysopoly Inflatable Bouncy Horse, $19.90 each, Amazon

We got these bouncy horses when the twins were ~ 8 months when just sitting on them made them smile. Now, they understand how to bounce on them and it’s ADORABLE to watch! What better way to exercise those legs than to play cowboy/cowgirl at a reasonable price?! The package includes a manual air pump, which was very easy to inflate myself, and it has stayed perfectly inflated for the past 4+ months since we purchased it. Definitely a top favorite in our house!

2)    Little Tikes Cozy Coupes, $54.88 each, Amazon

The moment these little cars rolled into our house, the kids acted like they had their driver’s licenses and were ready to take off on their own to run errands. They want to be “driving” them all the time! Whenever there’s a sunny day, we bring these out to our driveway and push the kids back and forth in their cars. It has a footboard that you can insert to protect their feet if they aren’t ready to “Flintstone” it themselves. Once they know how to use their feet to move the car on their own, then you can remove the insert. It has an ignition switch and steering wheel that turns, AND it has sippy cup storage slots in the back for those long rides!

3)   My First Anywhere Chair (Personalization Optional), Pottery Barn Kids, $99-$159

Aside from the obvious CUTENESS of these chairs, my favorite things about them is that they’re shockingly light weight and very comfortable. I sometimes find myself even shoving myself in them when we’re playing! If they had an adult size, I’d probably get one. Haha! The kids often sit in these and “read” books during quiet time. It’s a great chair to have for those monthly pictures, too! Joules has the Pink Eyelet and Ames has the Harper Gray.

4)    Cuddle + Kind Dolls, $50-$80


Not only are these dolls soft, BEAUTIFUL, and lovable, each doll provides 10 meals to starving children around the world. The mission of Cuddle + Kind is simply to help feed kids in need. We first received one of these when the twins were first born. Once we heard about their mission, we just kept on adding to the collection! They have 2 different sizes of dolls to choose from, 13” and 20”. We are obsessed with Cuddle + Kind in our house!

5)    “Two is For Twins” Board Book, $6.99, Amazon

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 10.27.50 AM.png

What I love about this book is that it helps twins understand what that word “twin” actually means and why they have such a special bond. It explains how many things come in pairs, but it’s okay to be different, too. This book can be used for identical twins or fraternal twins as it’s fairly gender neutral!

6)    Matching/Coordinating Pajama Sets, $32.95, Twoborn Twin Clothing


One of the most frequently asked questions I get is “where do you buy your coordinating twin clothes?” Twoborn Twin Clothing has answered that question many times! They offer twin sets for any type of twins (boy/boy, girl/boy, and girl/girl). Their shop offers it all! No need to spend time matching things yourself when it can be done for you for an affordable price. We love these pajamas because they are made of high quality material and they’re easy to put on. Highly recommend!

7)  Shapes and Farm Animals Puzzle, $33.24, Amazon

Melissa & Doug brand puzzles are perfect for the developmental stage a kid approaching their first birthday is in. They’re oversized, making it easy for older infants/young toddlers to hold onto while refining their fine motor skills and spatial concepts. They also learn colors, shapes, and animals in the process. These puzzles keep my twins busy for long periods - which is something I’m always grateful for. ;)

8)  Stackable Nesting Wooden Boxes, $29.99, Amazon

Joules loves to nest these boxes inside each other or stack them while Ames likes to knock them over. In essence, there’s something for everyone with these boxes. It makes both of our twins laugh when we’ve stacked the boxes and allow the kids to knock it all over. Not only do they learn the concept of size and hand-eye coordination, but they also learn numbers, shapes, and words that are drawn on the sides of the boxes!

9) Animal Plush Rocker (Personalization Optional), $149 each, Pottery Barn

We’ve had these plush Elephant and Bunny rockers since the kids were first born. However, it’s just now that Ames and Joules get on them and fully enjoy the ride. They usually don’t want to get off! The rockers are extremely soft, high quality, and can be monogrammed if you want. In my personal opinion, a nursery isn’t a nursery without an animal rocker. :)

10) College Fund Contribution, any amount!

I wouldn’t have been able to get through this post without the college fund contribution idea. This often forgotten about gift idea is extremely valuable. It’s a future-oriented offering that aids kids in investing in themselves. Of course we all dream about our children going to college (and some of us dream about our kids going to our own alma mater… like Duke ;)) As twin parents, we know saving for double the college tuitions at once might seem like a hefty task. Plus, college fund contributions are great for those kids/families you just don’t know what to get for or those that seem to have everything already! Remember this: no amount is too small and its NEVER too early to start saving for your twins’ education.

11) Constructive Eating Toddler Utensil Set and Plate, $32.44, Amazon

With these plates and utensils, mealtime can be FUN! The bright colors and creative themes can keep your toddlers engaged in their eating, which can be particularly helpful if you have picky eaters. I mean, who wouldn’t want a spoon with wheels on it? Click on the images above to view each on Amazon or click the button below.

Hope this list at least gives you some ideas or inspiration, especially with the upcoming Holidays! The twins you’re gifting will be happy with anything, especially if it’s wrapped in some loud crunchy paper! ;)

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