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How To Save Money As a Parent of Multiples

How To Save Money As a Parent of Multiples

When you’re blessed with twins, you’re also blessed with even bigger bills. You’re going to dig into your pockets exponentially deeper than parents of singletons. So, why not save money where you can? After all, it’s never too early to start preparing for that double whammy college tuition. I knew about some of these money-saving methods when I was pregnant and planning for Ames and Joules, but many of them I didn’t find out about until several months after they were born. Hopefully this list finds you early!

1)    Take advantage of all the twin discounts offered by different stores/brands.

An example is Buy Buy Baby’s 10% off when you buy two of the exact same item (such as two high-chairs). Here is an article from Twiniversity’s website that has a great list put together!

2)    Consider purchasing second-hand items for those baby products that only get used for short periods of time.

Bassinets, activity centers, changing tables, and jumpers are good examples. These items only get used for a few months at a time so they’re probably kept in pretty good condition. So, it’s likely financially smarter to purchase them used instead of brand new. The only things I would strongly advise against purchasing used are carseats. You’ll want those to be in tip top shape for obvious reasons. Oh and side note - sometimes people put their lightly used baby items up for free on the Letgo app!

3)    Sell your used items on second-hand apps like Letgo.

We did this so many times! We sold a bassinet, Mamaroo, jumper, etc. on the Letgo app after we were done with them. You’d be surprised how much money we got by selling those used products. For example, a new Mamaroo is ~$220 each. We used ours almost every day for the first 4 months or so but kept them in good condition. When I went to sell ours, I was able to sell each for $120! That money was then applied towards more baby food and diapers. Win-win!

4)    Don’t buy a breast pump. Rent one for FREE through your insurance company with a doctor’s prescription.

I didn’t pay a penny for my breast pump. I had a nice hospital-grade Medela Symphony pump that I obtained for FREE through my insurance company (Cigna). All I had to do was ensure my OB sent a prescription that said I needed a hospital-grade pump since I was having twins and then it was delivered to my front door. When I was done pumping for good, I sent it back to the company and never had to pay a single bill! Call your insurance company to get more information.

5)    Ask big brands if you can write an honest review in exchange for free products.

Just keep this in mind: It doesn’t hurt to ask! Reach out to any and all of them. Also, here are some examples of some product-review programs:

  • Britax car seats

    • Britax, for example, has a blogger and social influencer program that allows you to receive a car seat in exchange for a review. You would likely only be chosen to receive the car seat, though, if you have a decent following on social media. Here is the link to apply for their program.

  • Graco car seats

    • Some product testing websites will give free baby items for a review. Currently, is taking applications to write a 500-word review, video review, and take photos in exchange for a free Graco car seat. Here is the link to apply to their program.

  • is seeking product testers

    • When you sign up for their Mom Tester program, you might be selected to review different baby gear, toys, strollers, etc. Here is the link to apply to their program.

6)    Buy in bulk.

The 3 items I’d recommend buying in bulk are diapers, wipes, and formula (if you’re using it). Amazon Family is known to have a pretty good program where you can save up to 20% off diapers.

7)    Make your own baby food!

Whether it’s by breastfeeding or pureeing all of your favorite baby recipes, this will cut down on your grocery store costs. When we made our blended baby food, we used old Beech Nut glass jars to preserve it! Here are some easy recipes shared by


8)    Remember that you don’t need two of everything.

  • You’ll only need ONE of these:

    • Changing table

    • Toys

    • Floor gym

    • Diaper bag

    • Infant bath tub

    • Baby monitor

    • Breastfeeding twin-Z pillow

    • Twin carrier

    • Double stroller

  • But, you’ll need TWO of these:

    • Carseats

    • Cribs

    • Pack-N-Plays

    • Diapers (well, maybe you’ll need more than just two 😉)

    • Clothes

    • High chairs

    • Boppy Newborn loungers

    • Jumpers

    • Mamaroo swings

9)    Consider asking family, friends, and coworkers for any unwanted hand-me downs.

When I gave birth, I had several friends and coworkers drop off their kid’s old baby clothes. My son, in particular, had a full wardrobe of onesies, shirts, pants, swim trunks, and shoes by the time he was only a few weeks old! Sharing is caring.

10) Sign up to get coupons in the mail.

Even though we have been off of formula for a while, I still get coupons in the mail from Similac! Take advantage of these and bring them to your local grocery store. If you don’t, it’s the same as throwing away cash! Whichever formula you use (if you use formula), be sure you sign up for their coupons on their website.

For example:

  • The Similac Strong Moms program saves you up to $400 if you sign up here

  • Pampers has an entire page dedicated to coupons for their diapers here

  • Beech Nut baby food offers coupons as well that you can sign up for here

11) Ask your twins’ pediatrician if he/she has any free products available.

Most pediatrician’s offices receive free samples of formula, lotions, baby soaps, etc. from different companies. Ask your child’s health care provider if they have any to share! I remember when our twins were little, our pediatrician would give us several cans of formula at every appointment. That stuff can add up in price when there’s two babies, so anything helps!

We all have the same end goal: save money. Kids definitely make that hard, but over time, we figure out how to make it work. Hopefully, some of these tips will help you navigate the big price tag that comes with being a parent of multiples! If you have any other money-saving tips, then feel free to comment below with your ideas. ::)

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